Halloween Parade


Become a Minion

As the summer sun fades, the minions begin to stir. Instinctively, we know it is time to plot our mayhem once again. We gather in the dark corners of the city’s public houses, gladly offering our blood so that the hordes may march, slither, and stagger down our streets each Halloween night. Our only payment is the annual T-shirt and the satisfying glow of mischief made manifest.


The minion army is always looking for fresh blood to help fill Parade coffers. We can hear the cries in the distance: “Why not find a wealthy patron to fund this spectacle, to bedazzle your banners with emblems and logos? Why not charge every ghoul and goblin for the privilege of horde membership?”

Alas, that is not our mission. Free from corporate overlords, we must raise the necessary pound of flesh ourselves. The minions host fundraising events throughout October, so there are plenty of opportunities to gather raffle prizes, sell parade swag, and organize pumpkin smashing. As always, you can send gold directly into our coffers here.


The hordes do not summon themselves. The minions make sure that people know about the fundraising events and the Parade itself.


The Parade may feel like a wild monster thrashing its way up the streets of our fair city, but the minions hold the reins to the beast, making sure that the Parade is on track and that none of the blood is real. Parade marshals carry not only the black PHP flag, but also walkie-talkies in case of emergency.

Think you’re minion material? To offer your services, contact us.