Halloween Parade

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Just because the Portsmouth Halloween Parade is free, doesn’t mean it’s not expensive. Contrary to the beliefs of many, the event is strictly a grassroots, self-subsidized celebration and it is not funded by the city or taxpayers in any way. Permits, insurance and police details do not offer themselves without charge.

With the generous support of a small horde of talented local artists, musicians, venues and entrepreneurs, the PHP Committee of volunteers rakes together all the necessary financing with a series of hair-raising, fund-raising events throughout October.

Though the Halloween Parade actively shuns corporate infiltration of the march itself, we’re happy to slap a “Sponsored by” tag for you or your business on any of these events, and also to feature any products you may donate to help fill our raffle baskets.

What’s in it for you? Honestly, if the most boisterous, exciting and bizarre exhibition of local creativity and community isn’t enough for you, not much. But seriously, all participating entities will be loudly thanked at the events, as well as on the Halloween Parade Website and popular Facebook Page.

Donate and get your treats into the hands of your local community and:

  1. A public thank you on our social media pages
  2. A link to your Facebook or business page
  3. Shout-outs at every event we raffle your prized donations
  4. Big jack-o-lantern grins that last well beyond Halloween Night!

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