Halloween Parade

Rules and Regulations

All parade participants will abide by directions given by the Portsmouth Halloween Parade Marshals in the staging area and along the parade route. Marshals can easily be identified by the flags they are carrying, and the badge they are wearing.

Marshals will alert parade participants of departure time and for dismissal onto the parade route. Event Staff retain the right to stage parade entrants in a manner that provides for an entertaining, safe and timely parade. Parade Marshals and officials have the authority to remove any participant from the parade who does not abide by these rules and regulations.

Parade entrants assume full and complete responsibility for any personal injury and/or property damage that may be sustained or caused during their entrance into the staging area, while in the staging area, or along the parade route.

While The Parade applauds all forms of free expression, it is not intended to be a political rally or a commercial opportunity. Expect the pressing of outside agendas to be frowned upon, unless deployed with humor, ingenuity, and within the creative, celebratory spirit of the event. Any persons campaigning or participating in political solicitation will be asked to leave the parade.

Use of high intensity sound making devices is strongly discouraged. Volume of amplified music must be at a reasonable level.

Per the City of Portsmouth, no open flames or motorized vehicles are allowed. All floats and static displays must be no larger than 6’x6’x6′ and cannot have a motor; they must be pushed, pulled, or worn. Keep in mind that the road surface is uneven at various locations and there are inclines and declines along the parade route. Portsmouth Police Officers have the authority to remove any float or static display that appears to be unsafe or poses a risk to public safety. Any juvenile under the age of 12 involved in the parade must be properly supervised by a responsible adult.

Parade entries involving animals of any kind must provide their own immediate clean-up in the staging area and along the parade route.  All animals must either be on a leash or secured in a cage or container as to not run loose during the parade. Per the city of Portsmouth, horses are not allowed in the parade.

Parade entrants may not stop to perform, or do anything that may lead to gaps or backing up the parade without prior permission from the Coven (contact Coven).

The Parade itself accepts no corporate sponsorship of any kind, and corporate logos or banners will not be welcomed on the march. That stated, we still need to cover expenses, so sponsorship of the Fund Raising Events is available, (necessary) and heartily encouraged.

While entrants may distribute candy or souvenirs along the parade route, NO ONE MAY TOSS OR THROW ANYTHING INTO THE CROWD. If you do have walkers passing out candy or other items, they must do so while walking within close range of the parade spectators to prevent spectators from running into the parade.

Likewise, spectators shall not throw anything at parade participants. Some have worked hours, some have worked months, on their costumes; and the last thing they want is silly string pasted all over it. Please be respectful.

The parade will take place rain or moonshine.

When the parade ends in Prescott Park, you must obey the Marshals orders. Please be respectful of structures and others around you.

The Portsmouth Halloween Parade reserves the right to use, reproduce, and/or publish photographs and/or video that may pertain to parade entrants, including images, likeness and/or voice, without compensation or permission. This extends to all fundraising events, including the Pumpkin Smash.