Halloween Parade

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Don’t be tricked!

Just because the Portsmouth Halloween Parade is free, doesn’t mean it’s not expensive.

Contrary to the beliefs of minions and merry-makers alike, the event is strictly a grassroots, self-subsidized celebration and it is not funded by the city or taxpayers in any way. Permits, insurance and police details do not offer themselves without charge.

Hard work and generous support from a small horde of talented local artists, musicians, venues and entrepreneurs rakes together all the necessary financing with a series of hair-raising, fund-raising events throughout October.

Send help!


Join the melee and merry-making at our events. You’ll have a chance to haul in some valuable local booty when you roll the dice in nightly raffles.


Fly your spooky freak flag high with t-shirts, bags, stickers and other merch in the online store. You’ll also find we’re passing the virtual hat around for cold, hard cash donations, too.


Own a local business? Donate a treasure, a trinket, a gift certificate to one of our raffles and make a lucky reveler very, very happy.


Like to sink your claws in? Beat the streets and become a PHP minion.