During the month of October, hobble, lurch or walk yourselves into downtown Portsmouth and visit our Co-ConSPIRITors at Deadwick’s Ethereal Emporium.

We invite guests to step beyond the veil and visit Deadwick’s Ethereal Emporium. Once a year, a door creaks opens in the historic byways of Portsmouth and a mysterious shop appears at 19 Sheafe Street, a sumptuous Victorian psychic parlor where there were only bare walls before. Enter to be greeted by shopkeepers in exquisite historic attire and explore merchandise from the fantastic to the phantasmal. Take home a book of spells, choose a handmade cloak or costume, or purchase arcane art. Delve deeper still and experience a folk magic workshop, have your fortune told, or purchase tickets to New England Curiosities Ghost Tours. Something wicked is descending upon the City of the Open Door, for the month of October alone. A quick read of the cards says that we will see you there.